1L Isopropyl Alcohol

Quantity: 6 Bottles


MG Chemicals Isopropyl Alcohol Electronics Cleaner. Safe on most plastics. 99.9 Percent pure anhydrous.

Meets Mil. spec. #TT-1-735A.
For use on: PC boards, connectors and contacts, semi-conductors, printed circuit boards, tape heads, light oils, office and medical equipment, relays, flux.
Color: Clear.
Purity: 99.9 percent by weight.
Refract. Index: 1.3766 (20 C.).
Water: 0.01 percent by weight.
Specific gravity: 0.7832 (25/25 C).
Nonvol: 0.0 mg/50mL.
Titratable acid: 0.13mL 02nNaOH.
Size: 945mL bottle.

RoHS Compliant.

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