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Germs Be Gone 236 ML Hand SanitizerGerms Be Gone 236 ML Hand Sanitizer
Save $27.96
3 PLY Premium Civil Mask3 PLY Premium Civil Mask
3 PLY Premium Civil Mask
From $6.99 $34.95
Save $119.96
70% Alcohol Wipe pads 100/Pack70% Alcohol Wipe pads 100/Pack
70% Alcohol Wipe pads 100/Pack
From $29.99 $149.95
Save $119.96
Disposable Level 1 Face Masks for KidsDisposable Level 1 Face Masks for Kids
Save $19.96
Disposable Waterproof Isolation GownDisposable Waterproof Isolation Gown
Save $31.40
FeelPure Reusable Sunglasses Face ShieldFeelPure Reusable Sunglasses Face Shield
Save $99.96
Nitrile Non-Medical GlovesNitrile Non-Medical Gloves
Nitrile Non-Medical Gloves
From $24.99 $124.95
Save $152.90
Reusable Masks Black (20pcs/pack)Reusable Masks Black (20pcs/pack)
Save $303.80
Karisma WipesKarisma Wipes
Karisma Wipes
From $15.99 $319.79
Save $171
KN95 With Charcoal FilterKN95 With Charcoal Filter
KN95 With Charcoal Filter
From $3.49 $174.49
Number (DIN) or (NPN) Product Name Company
80099858 Yinba Hand Sanitizer Feel Pure
80100587 75% Alcohol Wipes Feel Pure
80101104 75% Alcohol Mini Wipes Feel Pure
80021511 Germs Be Gone! Hand Sanitizer Gel Brands International Corporation
80101972 Meishi Yu Feel Pure
80100809 Dr Max-Hand Sanitizer 75% Linkglobal Food Inc

Our sanitizers are Health Canada authorized

Health Canada has published a list of hand sanitizers that are authorized for sale in Canada. Yinba Hand Sanitizer, Germs Be Gone! Hand Sanitizer Gel and 75% Alcohol Wipes are all on this list.

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